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fauna and me got yo back okay? (๑´ ▽ ` ๑)


Substitute Plush at the Tokyo Pokemon Center

Recently 17, brown hair, blue eyes, plays a lot of animal crossing and sends really good snapchats. Loves rock music, but then also Vocaloid, because I'm rly rly weird like that and it like cute stuff yoooo okay bye~

lmao i gotchu if you saw the other asks you can see my wide range of music i like hahah idk its like if it sounds good imma listen to it DO YOU LISTEN TO UTAITES?? kradness&れをる is super hella have you listened to thier death should not have taken thee? ALSO 96NEKO IS SO HOT trick and treat was crazy like thats all one person?? 


i’ve been playing so much okami lately godddd this game’s so inspiring.. I HOPE I HAVE DONE IT JUSTICE W THIS PIC

hopefully i can sell this as a print sometime *n*


I always thought it would be cute to have different breeds of doggies as villagers hehe

if you're not doing these anymore I'm sorry!!! im female, 19, 6' with blue/green eyes cuz ive got partial heterochromia, ive got black hair that's dip dyed emerald green and my hair is super duper curly!! my favourite music is stuff that sounds dreamy and my favourite band right now is CHVRCHES!!!! love drawing, cooking and watching movies and i really love cute things and video games, if we were dating id take you to maybe a petting zoo and then cook u dinner !!

omg heterochromia is cool as heck theres this girl in my french class who has it and its so hella AND BRUH bruh pls ur hair sounds amaze why r you so gr9 DID U SAY YOURE SIX FOOT BC THATS RLY HOT ah did you listen to chvrches do i wanna know? cover? i love heheh ALSO check out these if you havent purity ring amenamy, grimes oblivion, gypsy and the cat sorry ANYWAY omg pls cook for me i am very very bad in the kitchen like i will burn all ur food ;A; i can make crepes and eggs though!


So lets say animal crossing is the afterlife and mom sends letters because she cant let you go and dad barely ever writes because hes overcome with grief. When they send the flowers on mothers day and fathers day, its them laying flowers on your grave.


okay i looked it up and wow wOW im drooling a lil it looks so good i’ve never had nutella ice cream before tbh ;; i think i saw it in a store before but i didnt buy it ;; ggg i will try it next time omg just thinking about it makes me hungry af