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Katrina knows what’s up.


the conversations in this game are rollercoasters of emotion



// u need a mullet whisperer



RUMOR - Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U leaks came from within NoA


- Nintendo have identified the leaker
- the leaker has been fired and is being sued.
- he was an employee of NoA who was sending materials to the ESRB
- the leaker still has a copy of the Smash Bros 3DS game in his possession
- he also has one of the 3DS systems used for internal ratings

u know sakurai is gonna rip his head off


Sakurai sits alone in his meditation room. Dozens of broken boards and burst Sandbags lie in a circle around him. His fists are bloody. His phone rings. 

"Mr. Sakurai? We’ve got him."

Sakurai’s eyes shoot open. His entire body glows a bright red. He is ready. He takes one deep breath, and floats, air crackling around him, into the fully-armed helicopter waiting outside.