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more gang AU stuff

slight changes to mayor’s design~

+ a little doodle based off Soap’s lovely reaction to Rem in the gang au /wink


Animal Crossing: Where you can carry 16 Whale Sharks in your pocket, but not 17 Ants.


not done with this room yet, but i really like how its turning out!

me: here is 300 gold give me your best magic staff
walmart cashier: sir for the last time


little transparent animal crossing doodle for stress relief

Where do you get your wigs they're so pretty!

ah oh well i get them off of taobao which is like chinese ebay i have my reviews here if you wanna see exactly where i got them ;;

also bout to do some shameless promoting but uh if you like my clothes and stuff if you have time pls check out my fashion blog or something thank you!